About SunPro

Over ten years in the industry and well over two million miles run.

Since 2003, SunPro Transportation has been working toward setting the bar higher, and then higher still, for what is to be expected from a top tier trucking company.  Service and professionalism is the name of the game, and in every phase, SunPro pulls no punches.  From the thorough process of evaluating and hiring only the most skilled and reliable drivers, to the prompt attention and readiness while handling every run with the sincere notion, that the cargo is as important to the recipient as it is the shipper.  SunPro puts the customer first, and holds the highest esteem for their crew of drivers.  After all, these folks are the ones tasked with getting your goods to their final destination.  All of SunPro's crew are experienced in handling the varied incidents that may arise, whether it be mechanical or harshest of weather conditions, they're up to the task.